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Malcom Reed
Hatch Green Chili Cheese Dip - HowToBBQRight

Hatch Green Chili Cheese Dip

Smoked cheese dip made from Queso Blanco and Hatch Chili Cheddar... creamy, cheesy and delicious! 

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Grilled Pit Beef - HowToBBQRight

Grilled Pit Beef

I'm doing Baltimore Style Pit Beef... but since I'm doing it at home - on my charcoal grill - I'm calling it "Mississippi Style" Pit Beef. 

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Tailgate Strip Steak Sandwich - HowToBBQRight

Tailgate Strip Steak Sandwich

By using NY Strip Steaks - seasoned and grilled to medium rare - you already start off with a seriously delicious sandwich - then you add onions & peppers, a beer cheese sauce and a chipotle mayo - served on a grilled ciabatta roll - and you have THE BEST Steak Sandwich! 

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Malcom Reed
BBQ Hot Wings - HowToBBQRight

BBQ Hot Wings

Grilled wings with a sticky, sweet BBQ sauce caramelized on the outside. You can grill these on any charcoal grill - just setup a 2-zone fire and cook the wings indirect. Perfect tailgate recipe! 

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