Pulled Pork on Weber Grill

Pulled Pork on a Weber Grill


In this recipe it’s all about how to set the Weber Kettle Grill for indirect cooking using the “charcoal snake” method. This will give you a long, even, slow burn that is just what a Pork Butt needs to make perfect pulled pork.

    Pulled Pork on a Weber Grill Recipe Ingredients

      Pulled Pork on a Weber Grill Directions

      1. Set up Weber kettle for indirect cooking by stacking unlit charcoal briquettes in a ring shape 3/4 of the way around the outer edge of the grill; it should take approx. 10lbs of charcoal.  Also mix in chunks of of pecan and cherry wood with the charcoal for smoke flavor.  (there should be a good size gap so the coals don’t complete a full circle – this creates a “charcoal snake” for an even burn pattern.
      2. Place a small size Charcoal Vortex in the center of the grill to act as a heat deflector.  Turn the Vortex so the wide side is facing up. (a small aluminum pan can be substituted here).
      3. Trim the pork butt removing excess fat and sinew.  Score the thick layer of fat into a diamond pattern by making shallow slits at an angle 1” apart; then rotate the butt and make shallow slits in the opposite direction.
      4. Season the pork butt on all sides with Killer Hogs Hot rub (substitute your favorite rub if you want).  Let the butt sit for 15-20 minutes before placing on the grill.
      5. Light one end of the “charcoal snake” using tumble weed fire starters; leave the grill open until the charcoal catches (few of the coals turn white).  Place the cooking grate on the grill and close the lid.  As the temperature climbs to 225°F adjust the top and bottom vents to 50% to hold the cooking temperature at 250°F.
      6. Place the pork butt in the center of the kettle over the Vortex to protect it.  The charcoal will burn around the edge creating even heat and the wood will gradually burn creating smoke flavor.
      7. Spritz the pork butt with a 50/50 mixture of apple juice and apple cider vinegar after 1 hour. Repeat this step every hour until the bark starts to turn dark on the outer surface of the butt.
      8. After 4 hours the bark should be developed and it’s time to wrap.  Remove the pork butt from the Weber, place on a double layer of aluminum foil.  Drizzle Vinegar sauce over the outside, and wrap the foil around the butt.  Place a wired probe thermometer into the thickest part of the butt away from the bone.
      9. Set the pork butt back on the grill and monitor the temperature.  It’s done when the internal hits 200°F.  Keep an eye on the charcoal.  I didn’t have to add any more coal for this cook but if you get close to the end of the “charcoal snake” just add another handful of coal as needed.
      10. When the internal temperature hits 200°F, remove the butt from the grill.  Carefully transfer the butt to a wire rack over a shallow aluminum pan and glaze the outside with a 50/50 mix of vinegar sauce and The BBQ Sauce.  Place the pan back on the grill and let the sauce set for 15 minutes until it caramelizes.
      11. Remove the butt from the grill and let it rest for 15 minutes or so before shredding by hand for delicious pulled pork.    

      pulled pork on weber grill




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