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B.O.S. The Big Orange Sprayer

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B.O.S. "The Big Orange Sprayer" - 1.5L Compression Sprayer 

The B.O.S. is a high quality 1.5L compression sprayer perfect for basting BBQ and adding moisture to any grilled or smoked meats.

It has easy to use pump action with a heavy-duty fully adjustable brass spray nozzle.  It's designed with a wider base to prevent spills and has a built in safety valve to release pressure for easy cleaning. 

Makes misting, basting and spraying pork butts, ribs, brisket and whole hog a whole lot easier. 

BOS Sprayer Directions: 

For the BOS Sprayer, unscrew the top and fill with liquid. Avoid using liquid with any particles (like rubs and seasonings) because it will clog the sprayer.

Screw lid back on BOS Sprayer tightly. Before the sprayer will work properly, you need create pressure within the chamber by adding enough air to displace the liquid. To create this pressure, simply pump the black knob on top until you have resistance. The number of pumps needed depends on the amount of liquid in the chamber. If you only have 1 cup of liquid, it could take as many as 30 pumps to create the pressure.

Once you have added the pressure, turn the brass knob to closed position. Then slowly turn the knob until you receive a light mist of spray or your desired steam.

Pump your BOS Sprayer as needed to hold the proper pressure.

BOS Sprayer Cleaning/Care:

After each use, wash the BOS Sprayer with hot, soapy water, and rinse thoroughly. Remove and thoroughly clean the strainer at the bottom of the suction tube, the brass nozzle, and the plastic part of the nozzle. Allow all parts of the BOS to completely air dry before reassembling and storing.

NOTE: Too much liquid in the BOS Sprayer can prevent the sprayer from building pressure. Keep all liquid below the ½ way MAX FILL POINT. Do not store liquid in the BOS - liquid should not remain in the BOS longer than a 12-hour period.

NOTICE: This product comes with a CA Proposition 65 Warning. For more information visit the CA Proposition Website here >>