Killer Hogs 'Some Like It Hot' Gift Pack

If you like a little spice in your life, this is the sampler pack for you!

This pack includes: 

  • ONE (1) Killer Hogs Hot Sauce: We know how to spice it up in the South…and this Hot Sauce has just the right kick.  Perfect for adding a spicy touch to everything you eat. We start with aged red peppers specially blended with tangy vinegar and hints of garlic to create the best-tasting hot sauce around.  Not too hot... this is what we call an "eatin' hot sauce." 
  • ONE (1) Killer Hogs Hot Rub: "Color With a Kick" We're packing heat.

    This Hot BBQ Rub is a savory, sweet and spicy punch of power-packed flavor.  And you can’t beat the pretty, mahogany color it gives to pork, beef, seafood, or poultry. When you want to add a little kick to your BBQ, reach for Killer Hog’s Hot BBQ Rub.

  • ONE (1) Malcom's King Craw: He's the king of the parade from Bourbon to the Bayou. And he's guaranteed to Jazz up anything you throw at him. Great on seafood, gumbo, stews, gator, nutria, possum, squirrel and chicken.  

  • ONE (1) Malcom's Jammin' Jerk He’s not just any Jerk… this powerful, spicy blend of seasoning will get your tastebuds rocking!

    Island vibes are sure to flow… Great on Chicken, Fish, Pork and especially Wings.

  • ONE (1) Killer Hogs Spicy Garlic Pickles: 

    Not your ordinary pickles.... they are packed with a little sweetness, a big punch of garlic and a good kick of heat... These high-quality Pickle Chips are delicious, crisp and spicy.