Victory Lane Butter Bath

Victory Lane Butter Bath

$ 8.00

Victory Lane Butter Bath - 12oz. 

*Give Your Ribs & Pork Butts a Butter Bath when you Wrap Them... 

Butter Bath & Wrap is a unique powder form of butter, brown sugar, honey and a special blend of spices! And was designed specifically for the “wrapping” stage when smoking ribs and pork butts. 

Butter Bath & Wrap will replace all other liquids, sugars or butter you are currently using during the wrap – and gives you all the flavor, sweetness and richness you need.

Butter Bath & Wrap makes the “wrapping” stage easier, cleaner and eliminates the guesswork.


Mix ¼ cup of Butter Bath & Wrap with 1 ½ cups of liquid. You can use water or fruit juice for the liquid (apple juice is our personal favorite). This will make enough for 2 slabs of ribs or 2 pork butts. Recipe can be doubled as needed. Pour the mixture into the foil with the ribs and pork butts and wrap tightly.